Arrival, Departure and Rules

You can check in the caravan any time between 1pm – 4pm.

Please check the caravan when you arrive and report any issues immediately so that you are not held responsible for anything that you have not done.

Departure time is 10am.

Prior to leaving the caravan please make sure that all kitchen equipment is clean, washed and dried and put back in place, please make sure that all kitchen work surfaces, fridge and all caravan tables have been wiped down, and that all bins have been emptied, and that all the floors have been hoovered and wiped down, also please make sure all lights are turned OFF, and all windows and doors are LOCKED.

I expect the caravan to be left in the state that you found it so that I don’t have to spend extra time cleaning it and delaying the next guests.

Failure to use bed linen will result in you losing your bond.

Failure to keep the caravan clean and  tidy will result in you losing your bond.

If any property is stolen from the caravan you will be charged and may face prosecution.

The caravan is a non smoking area so if you are found to be smoking or have drugs in there that also will result in losing your bond and you could be asked to leave early.

There should never be any more that the stated amount of people in the caravan at one time.

We are strictly a no pets allowed in the caravans.

Please make sure that all windows and doors locked when you leave the caravan, If this is not done it risks the security of the caravan and you will lose you bond.

I do go and check the caravan after each party/family has been in and I will take photos of any damage or mess that is found.